2017 North American Hot Cloud Storage Technology Innovation Award


Wasabi has successfully built a cloud storage architecture that eliminates various storage tiers and provides a performance-centric and secure storage at an affordable price.

The company’s  technology efficiently addresses the inherent challenges prevailing in the cloud storage industry, such as vendor lock-in, security, and speed, and establishes a benchmark for upcoming companies planning to venture into the cloud storage market.

Wasabi’s  initiative to project cloud storage as a utility is noteworthy because pricing is one of the major limitations hindering the prospects of cloud storage. In addition, Wasabi’s hot storage is designed to accommodate the exponential rise in the amount of stored data, which will continue to increase in the coming years. Wasabi aspires to stay ahead in the competitive landscape of cloud storage through its innovations and customer-centric upgradations, thus earning the trust and accolades from its clients.

With its strong overall performance, Wasabi Technologies, Inc has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2017  Technology Innovation Award.