Save up to $400k a year with Wasabi

Bet that got your attention…

Price. Performance. Protection

Wasabi checks all the boxes. Secure? Check. Flexible? Yup. Built to scale with your business?? Done. 80% cheaper than AWS S3? Absolutely.

(Insert record scratch here)

Yup, you heard that right – Wasabi is 80% cheaper. EIGHTY PERCENT. So let's take a quick pause while we make it rain using all the money you're going to save migrating to Wasabi.

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80% less than AWS S3
No egress charges
No API request charges


Faster than the competition
Quick uploads & downloads
Private Network options


Data center redundancy
11x9s data durability
Immutable storage

Migrate with Nate

Nate knows his company can’t possibly afford all the hardware they need for on-prem storage. He knows he pays more in just one year’s hardware maintenance than he would to store his data on Wasabi. He knows that if you don’t move to the cloud you’re gonna be screwed. He also knows Wasabi is your best bet. Listen to Nate.

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Wasabi makes buying cloud storage a no brainer

If you are thinking about buying more hardware storage, compare the price of storing 100TB of data against 5 years of Wasabi.

It's hard to argue with the facts. Look at how much you'll save with Wasabi compared to our competitors.

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per month

per year

This chart compares price per year differences between Wasabi and three other cloud storage competitors.

Cheaper, Faster, and

Your Data is Protected.

Migrate with Kate & Nate today.