Cloud Storage for
Mac & Windows (Beta)

Perfect for Mac & Windows users* looking for a simple way to use cloud storage
*Min OS = Mac 10.12.5 & Win 10 during beta period


product overview

Step 1

Download the Client

Download the Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Client for Mac and Windows

product overview

Step 2

Create Wasabi account

Enter your email & password to create a Wasabi trial account

product overview

Step 3

Start Storing Files

Drag-n-drop files from your computer to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage for Mac & Windows is described further in our Product Brief and in our User Manual

The quick start tutorial video below provides additional information.


Simple, understandable usage-based pricing

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage for Mac & Windows offers the lowest per-TB price relative to “Drive” services and enterprise-grade cloud storage services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.  Plus, we offer unlimited free egress and we don’t charge for API calls.

Review our Pricing FAQs
Storage Amount
1 TB
100 TB
Percentage Downloaded Per Month
$249 per month
$2,994 per year
Amazon S3
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud


Speed. Speed. Speed.

Wasabi's system architecture enables faster upload and download performance relative to other cloud storage services. On average, we're 6x faster than Amazon S3.



Protecting your data against accidents, hackers, snoops, sabotage, and buggy applications

First, our unique immutable buckets protect your data against accidental or malicious destruction. Second, our strong encryption protects your data against hackers and snoops who want to steal your data.

Why Wasabi
Durability and Protection

Wasabi’s durability is 11 x 9s, the same as Amazon S3. To put that in context, if you stored 1 million 1 GB files in Wasabi, you would expect on average to lose one file every 659,000 years. That’s why most data loss nowadays is due to human error.


When you create a storage bucket in Wasabi, you have the option of making that bucket “immutable.” That means that data written to that bucket cannot be erased or altered. This allows applications built on Wasabi to be HIPAA, FINRA, and CJIS compliant. But it also protects your data from accidental deletions, application software bugs, hackers, malware, viruses, malicious destruction or alteration of data by employees or consultants, etc.

Active Integrity Checking

When using cloud storage for long-term file duration, how do you really know if the integrity of the file is intact? With Wasabi, you don’t have to worry about this because all stored objects are read and checked for integrity every 90 days for the duration the object is stored.


Below is a short list of frequently asked questions about
Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage for Mac and Windows.
1. What is the difference between the
Mac & Windows vs. S3 API connectivity options?

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage for Mac & Windows uses the exact same service infrastructure as Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage for S3 API applications.     The Mac & Windows option simply provides an easy-to-use client that lets you use familiar drag-n-drop functionality to store and retrieve files.  You don’t need to write any code or use an API.

2. What is the difference between Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage for Mac & Windows and services like Google Drive, Amazon Drive, and Dropbox?

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage for Mac & Windows differs from “Drive” services like Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox in the following manner:

  • Wasabi costs less on a per-TB basis
  • Wasabi offers faster read & write performance
  • Wasabi offers enterprise-grade data durability and immutability for maximum data protection
  • Wasabi Client for Mac & Windows doesn’t offer built-in multi-user file sharing capabilities or automatic backup capabilities (but our Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage service back-end can support these features via other S3 client applications that we have certified)

3. Can I install the Wasabi Cloud Storage Client on multiple devices and have it access my Wasabi account from multiple locations?

Yes. You can install the Wasabi Cloud Storage Client on any number of devices and access the same Wasabi account from multiple locations.   This approach is a great way (for example) to share files between your home and office computer that might be in different locations.

4. What Mac and Windows platforms are supported?

During the beta period, the Wasabi Cloud Storage Client can be used with the following minimum OS versions:

  • Mac OSX 10.12.5
  • Windows 10 Home & Pro

Windows Server & older versions of Mac OSX and Windows are not yet officially supported.

5. Where can I review more FAQs about Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage for Mac & Windows?

Please visit our knowledge base.  If you don’t find your answer there, please contact us.

Start storing now – with Cloud Storage for
Mac and Windows.

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