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Internet2 operates the nation’s largest and fastest, coast-to-coast research and education network

The pace of research and the Big Data that holds the keys to new discoveries in every field continues to threaten to overwhelm the infrastructure of many organizations. Whether you’ve historically used an on-premises solution, or Cloud 1.0 offerings from companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft, often your infrastructure holds up progress compared to the goals you’re striving for.

But no more. Wasabi keeps pace with science by exceeding the performance metrics of other cloud storage services. No need to complicate your storage architecture by deciding what data needs to go on which tier, at what cost, and what speed.

Faster with Wasabi on the Internet2 Cloud Exchange

Choose hot cloud storage, where your data is always available, faster and cheaper than you thought possible, whether you’re working on data from 30 days ago or 20 years ago. When you combine this speed with low cost, data protection and security, Wasabi’s hot cloud storage becomes the engine for your research, not the brakes.