Gartner: How to Protect Backup Systems From Ransomware Attacks

“Ransomware attacks have grown more frequent and costly over the past year, and have broadened to target backup and other critical infrastructure. This research describes steps that I&O leaders must take to protect backup data from ransomware attacks to facilitate recovery.”

Chapter 1

According to the the Gartner report here is an overview of the key findings:

Key Findings

  • Backup systems that make use of immutable storage or a vaulted copy of backups are likely to be more resilient to attacks than those that do not.
  • Copies of backups stored in the cloud are better than nothing, but will slow recovery significantly due to bandwidth limits.
Chapter 2

The Gartner report provides the following recommendations to CIO’s and organizations:

I&O leaders focused on securing data center infrastructure should

  • Ensure you are following backup vendor recommended best practices on securing your backup system and related infrastructure, and implement multifactor for console logins if possible.
  • Minimize backup system exposure by eliminating software or hardware components where the vendor no longer provides security updates.
  • Reduce the risk of losing backups during an attack by making use of immutable storage or an offline vault for at least one copy of your critical backup data.
  • Accelerate recovery from attacks by adding a dedicated tool for backup and recovery of Microsoft Active Directory.”
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