Gartner: Detect, Protect, Recover: How Modern Backup Applications Can Protect You From Ransomware

“Infrastructure and operations leaders responsible for data protection must evaluate new ransomware protection features as critical prerequisites when choosing backup platforms. Here, we assess new features that aid in detecting ransomware attacks, protect the backup repository and speed recovery.”

Chapter 1

According to the the Gartner report here is an overview of the key findings facing CIOs:

Key Findings

  • Increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks are specifically targeting backup data and administrator functions.
  • No single solution can completely protect an organization from ransomware attacks.
  • The threat from increasingly sophisticated ransomware is growing, with attacks being launched by criminal and governmental organizations worldwide.
  • Ransomware is frequently deployed as a component of a broader attack that looks to compromise critical systems and administrative functions.”
Chapter 2

The Gartner report provides the following recommendations to CIO’s and organizations:

Infrastructure and operations leaders responsible for data center infrastructure must:

  • Eliminate network sharing protocols — Avoid the use of simple network sharing protocols, such as CIFS or NFS when implementing storage for backup data.
  • Protect the backup system — Protection of both the backup administration console and copies of backup data ensures usable backups are always available.
  • Use multifactor authentication for administrative accounts — Implement two-factor authentication for all backup administrator accounts, and ensure that accounts are configured with the minimum privilege required to function.
  • Create an isolated recovery environment — Make ransomware recovery via an IRE part of your disaster recovery plan, and include it in future disaster recovery tests.”
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