Gartner: Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions

“Critical data needs protection whether it is in the data center, in the cloud, in SaaS applications or at the edge. The range of locations is forcing I&O leaders to consider new backup products. This research evaluates products from 14 vendors based on 10 critical capabilities in three use cases.”

Chapter 1

According to the the Gartner report here are the key findings:

Key Findings

  • Protection of backups from ransomware and rapid recovery from large-scale data loss continue to be a key drivers for most clients considering replacing existing backup and recovery platforms.
  • Limited backup offerings from cloud vendors are being supplanted by enterprise backup solutions to improve data protection and make cloud data protection consistent with on-premises capabilities.
  • Backup as a service (BaaS) offerings are available from more vendors and support a wider range of data center, cloud and edge workloads. However, they continue to be largely tied to single cloud providers and have limited support for workloads hosted in other clouds.
  • Backup and recovery for data stored in SaaS applications is still a work in progress. Several vendors offer stand-alone products that support multiple SaaS applications, but many of these products either aren’t integrated with the vendor’s primary backup platform or offer built-in capabilities that are limited to Microsoft 365.”
Chapter 2

The Gartner report provides the following recommendations to CIO’s and organizations:

I&O leaders responsible for data center infrastructure should

  • Make security and performance of the backup system a key part of any RFP or proof of concept (POC) by prioritizing features to protect the backup system from ransomware and recover from large-scale data loss caused by cyberattacks.
  • Prioritize broad support for diverse data protection needs by favoring backup applications that support workloads deployed on-premises, in the cloud or in SaaS applications.
  • Reduce the cost and operational burden of managing backup storage by selecting backup applications that include features such as automated tiering to low-cost archival storage and support for multiple cloud providers.
  • Select backup software that can help your organization protect the growing amount of data in edge locations by emphasizing the need for support of containerized applications, cloud service provider (CSP) edge platforms and backup-as-a-service offerings.”
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