File Acceleration

Overcome low bandwidth and supercharge upload speeds to reach the cloud in record time

Accelerated File Transfers

Legacy file transfer protocols and tools are no longer effective in the era of Big Data and cloud computing. Traditional connection-oriented protocols like FTP squander bandwidth (each packet is individually transmitted and acknowledged) and are susceptible to network latency and packet loss. Using FTP, it can take hours or even days to transfer multi-gigabyte files.

File acceleration uses a combination of techniques to utilize all available bandwidth and achieve file transfer speeds much higher than traditional methods.

Maximize Upload Speeds

File acceleration technology utilizes the full potential of your bandwidth, guaranteeing the fastest possible uploads.

Accelerate Cloud Economics

Moving to the cloud can be daunting, but file acceleration can get your data where you need it in a timely fashion. Achieve the benefits of cloud storage today instead of tomorrow.


File acceleration works within your existing infrastructure to quickly bring your data where you want it, and can be easily set up in minutes.

Key Features

  • Monitor all transfers with automated alerts to stay informed.
  • Automated transfer jobs that instantly bring new data to a desired destination
  • Easily set up and manage transfer jobs from an intuitive web interface.
  • Automatically restart interrupted transfers from the point of failure, resulting in high reliability


  • Eliminate bottlenecks of traditional file transfer protocols
  • Accelerate storage performance for active data applications
  • Move large files in and out of the cloud at speeds faster than traditional methods
  • Reduce risk and exposure to data loss

Optimized for Media & Entertainment

File Acceleration is best suited for large data sets, which require the most bandwidth to upload. Coupled with low cost Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, this solution is ideal for a wide range of professional video use cases, including:

  • Fast, low-cost primary storage for asset libraries and media workloads
  • Cost-effective secondary storage with accelerated transfer speeds for backup and data migration initiatives
  • Affordable and reliable archival storage for long-term data retention

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