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FalconStor Virtual Tape Library (VTL) with deduplication is a disk-based solution that modernizes the tape archive environment. Together with Wasabi hot cloud storage, enterprises can improve the performance of their long-term archive operation and add an additional layer of redundancy to hybrid storage environments.

Wasabi + FalconStor VTL For a Best-of-Breed Hybrid Cloud Experience

FalconStor VTL is hardware-agnostic, meaning you can choose the most economical hardware configuration best suited to your use case with no lock-in. Falconstor unifies NAS and VTL technologies to enhance legacy backup with a more flexible data protection architecture. And, in addition to sending backups to standard tape libraries, it can send data to Wasabi via an S3 interface for an added layer of redundancy and access.


Partner Solution Brief

Empower Your Tape and Hybrid Cloud Backup Strategy with Wasabi and FalconStor VTL

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Knowledge Base

How do I use FalconStor with Wasabi?

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Press Release

Wasabi Collaborates with FalconStor to Deliver Hybrid Data Migration for Long-Term Archival and Information Preservation Solutions

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Migrating to the Cloud with Container Storage and VTL

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