new possible webinar

The New Possible Series: Media and Entertainment

  • Date: November 13, 2017
  • Time:

Episode 3: Lights, Camera, Action! The New Possible for Media and Entertainment
Get ready for a bonanza of multi-media business models! Outtakes? Remakes? New storylines woven from old films? We’ll see all of that and more in the next generation of New Media content. That’s partly because of epic forces like YouTube, but it’s also made possible by a remarkable downward bend in the cost curve for storing massive amounts of video footage. And not just cold storage, but hot!

What does this mean for your business, or just your entertainment needs? Check out this episode of #InsideAnalysis to find out! Host @Eric_Kavanagh interviews several industry experts, including Sam Bogoch of Axle, Alex Kruglov of Smiletime, Meghan Bodenstab of RIPL, Mike Svatek of RIVET WORKS, and Whit Jackson of Wasabi

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