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Connectivity Options

You can interface with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage via several different public and private network connectivity options as well as well as via our Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance


With data centers on the US East and West coasts as well as the EU, you can connect your premises and/or cloud resources to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage using any one of these connectivity options:

  • Public network connections via the Internet (n x 10 Gbps speeds)
  • Private network connections via Wasabi Direct Connect and AWS Direct Connect (1 or 10 Gbps speeds)
  • Physical transfers via Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance

Public Network

Easily leverage your existing Internet connection to interface with
Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Wasabi has multiple redundant and secure 10 Gbps Internet connections into all of our data centers. We work with leading Internet Service Providers throughout the world to rapidly deploy additional Internet capacity as our customer traffic dictates. All data uploads & downloads done over the Internet are secured via https to provide data transport security protection.

Why Wasabi

Direct Connect

Need private network connectivity?
Use Wasabi Direct Connect or AWS Direct Connect from your resources to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

For organizations requiring private connectivity into Wasabi's data centers, we offer Wasabi Direct Connect as well as support of AWS Direct Connect termination. Wasabi Direct Connect is a high-speed, private secure connection from your on-premises data center or colocation site directly to Wasabi. Wasabi also supports the termination of AWS Direct Connect that allows you to connect your AWS resources to Wasabi using AWS Direct Connect. Both types of Direct Connect are available in 1 and 10 Gbps speeds.

Why Wasabi
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Wasabi Ball

Fast, Easy and Economical Bulk Transfer Appliance

The Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance lets you move large datasets to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage quickly, conveniently, and cost-effectively. The Wasabi Ball Transfer Appliance is ideal for customers lacking sufficient network connection speeds to transfer large amounts of data over the Internet. Wasabi Ball addresses common challenges associated with large-scale data transfers by eliminating the high network costs and long transfer times often associated with moving large amounts of data over the Internet.

Why Wasabi
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Wasabi Offers Multiple Data Center Locations

Wasabi's Hot Cloud Storage service is currently available in the US-east and US-west regions, as well as the EU. You can store your data in a single region or multiple regions via our cross-region replication feature. You can also access these data center locations via our Direct Connect interface capabilities, which extend our data center capabilities to popular locations such as the Equinix Washington DC complex and the One Wilshire CoreSite Los Angeles CA complex.

Why Wasabi
Wasabi US-East Data Center

  • Located in Ashburn, VA
  • Wasabi Direct Connect interfaces via Equinix Washington, DC data center complex

Wasabi US-West Data Center

  • Located in Hillsboro, OR
  • Wasabi Direct Connect interfaces via Hillsboro, OR and Los Angeles, CA (One Wilshire CoreSite data center)

Wasaabi European Data Center

  • Located in Amsterdam, NL
  • Servicing markets across Europe


Below is a short list of frequently asked questions about
Wasabi Connectivity Options.
What is the difference between Wasabi's data center locations?

Wasabi’s hot cloud storage service functionality is identical in all of our data centers. Customers can select the data center location that works best for their needs.

Which data center location is best for me?

Many of our customers prefer to choose a data center location in the region closest to where their storage applications are.

What is the best method uploading my on-premises data to Wasabi?

Please review this knowledge base article for a detailed answer on this topic.

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