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Cloudflyer is the high-performance migration tool that has moved trillions of objects from AWS and Azure to Wasabi Cloud Storage

Over the past 15 years, businesses of all sizes have used AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud for a wide range of storage use cases.  Unfortunately, many users of these cloud providers feel trapped by their costs and complexities. Additionally, expensive data retrial, egress charges, and other hidden costs have essentially “locked-in” thousands of customers who would prefer to leave. Until now, there has not been an easy or affordable way to move out of these hyperscaler clouds into a more modern, cost-effective option like Wasabi Cloud Storage.

Cloudflyer is the new high-performance cloud-to-cloud migration tool for moving from AWS S3 Azure, and Google to Wasabi with just a few clicks. Simply connect your cloud accounts to Cloudflyer and securely move millions of files per day while immediately reducing your cloud storage costs by up to 75%. Pay ZERO EGRESS costs when moving out of the hyperscalers. Realize an ROI within 2-4 months and start saving significantly on all of your storage requirements.

Cloudflyer is simply the most cost-efficient tool to move from AWS S3, Azure, and Google to Wasabi Cloud Storage.

Cloudflyer Partners with Wasabi

The Wasabi-Cloudflyer solution delivers simplified cloud to cloud migration capabilities, allowing current AWS S3 customers the option to easily move to Wasabi:

  • Pay NO S3 egress costs. Cloudflyer assumes all egress charges.
  • Drag and drop any size folder from your hyperscaler bucket to your Wasabi bucket.
  • Transfer up to 10 million files per day from AWS S3 and Azure to Wasabi.
  • No downtime. No setup needed. Simply connect your accounts and begin the move to Wasabi.
  • Cloudflyer offers FREE project management for the duration of the migration on migration projects greater than 10TBs or 2 million files