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Municipality Improves Data Protection with Wasabi and Commvault

"With Commvault and Wasabi we can backup and restore our applications and services quickly, easily and economically"


A major U.S. municipality uses Wasabi hot cloud storage and Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery to protect its critical applications and data. The tightly integrated solution helps the city control expenses, simplify operations and reduce risks. The municipality replaced Amazon Glacier storage with Wasabi hot cloud storage to accelerate restoration efforts, avoid added fees and contain overall storage costs.

Business Challenge: Affordable, Fast and Reliable Data Protection

Like many businesses and institutions, the city is struggling to keep pace with skyrocketing data growth. The municipality was using Amazon Glacier for backup storage, but sought a simpler and faster-performing solution. “Glacier provides three different backup options with variable service commitments and extra retrieval fees,” explains the city’s Director of IT. “Standard data retrievals can take three to five hours, creating unacceptably long recovery times for key government services.”

Solution: Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery

The city turned to Wasabi to reduce backup storage cost and complexity, and improve RPOs and RTOs. Wasabi hot cloud storage is 6x faster and 80% cheaper than Amazon’s top-tier S3 storage service—with no retrieval fees. One product, with predictable and straightforward pricing supports virtually any cloud storage application.

Wasabi integrates seamlessly with Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery, providing an efficient and cost-effective data protection solution. “With Commvault and Wasabi we can backup and restore our applications and services quickly, easily and economically,” says the Director of IT. “The joint solution helps us improve uptime and user satisfaction, and avoid unplanned expenses.”

Results: Faster Backup and Restoration, Less Cost and Risk

Thanks to Wasabi and Commvault the municipality now takes full advantage of a fast, affordable and reliable data protection solution. The comprehensive solution safeguards the city’s diverse IT infrastructure (servers, VMs, network-attached storage, applications, databases, etc.), accelerating backup and recovery cycles. The integrated solution simplifies budgeting, and reduces risk and uncertainty, improving availability for both internal applications and public-facing services.