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Jack Technologies Saves 75% with MSP360 Managed Backup and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

"MSP360’s software and support paired with Wasabi’s incredibly low-cost cloud storage is an impressive combination. We’re a small business but now we can compete with anyone. We should have switched vendors a long time ago."


Jack Technologies, Inc., a managed IT services provider in Toronto, Canada, chose MSP360 Managed Backup with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage to deliver fast, flexible and cost-effective cloud backup services to customers. Together, MSP360 and Wasabi make it ultra-easy to back up critical customer data, all at an impressively low cost. The combined solution enables Jack Technologies to dramatically increase margins, build new revenue streams, and compete with larger managed service providers.

Business Challenge: Fast, Reliable Cloud Backup at the Right Price

Since 2010, Jack Technologies, Inc., (JTI) has offered cloud backup services to customers in the insurance industry, ranging from small business startups to medium-sized regional companies with multiple locations. “Customers like cloud backup because it protects them in the event of fire, theft, or flood,” says Justin Andri, owner of JTI. “Tape backup was slow and inconvenient, and users would forget to change them or take them offsite. Failures were also increasing on local hardware, and transfer speeds via USB were slow.”

JTI had become dissatisfied with their existing cloud backup solution vendor. Their prices spiraled ever upward and their support team was burdened with customer issues. “The cost was making it impossible to provide our clients with affordable backup services,” says Andri. “[The backup vendor] didn’t value our business. They kept trying to sell us other products through numerous calls and emails. And they locked us into a yearly contract regardless of how much we used their software and storage. It was time to find something better.”

Solution: Wasabi Storage and MSP360 Backup

JTI was serious about finding the right vendors this time around. The company tested over 20 different solutions, but most of them required the use of the vendor’s own cloud storage at costs too high for JTI and their customers. Many solutions were slow or didn’t have the features JTI needed to fully protect its clients—and the technical support in most cases was dismal or nonexistent.

Enter MSP360 and Wasabi

Right away, JTI liked the simple but powerful interface and the reliability of the MSP360 Managed Backup service. And they loved the low cost of Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage—about one-fifth of the price of other cloud storage vendors. The team was impressed by the solution’s options and ease of use, as well as the fact that the MSP360 support team was available when needed. “We had help from the trial phase right through to the end of our rollout,” says Andri. “When we had questions or concerns, they were immediately addressed. We didn’t have to wait days or weeks to get the right answers.”

Results: Big Savings, Big Support, Big Win

Since implementing Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and MSP360 Backup, JTI has reduced its yearly cloud backup costs by a whopping 75%. The company has tested backup and restores in a wide variety of scenarios and MSP360 has never missed a step.

They’ve even seen a boost in productivity. “With the MSP360 dashboard, checking backup status saves our technicians time. Installing the product on a new server is very simple and upgrades are seamless,” says Andri.

JTI says that the operational reliability, superior support, and low cost of the combined Wasabi-MSP360 solution were the factors that won over the IT services provider. “At the end of the day, I need to feel confident that we are protecting our clients’ data, and only MSP360 and Wasabi gave us the confidence and support that we needed,” says Andri.