Wasabi Joins Cloudflare Bandwidth Alliance, Extending Commitment to Open Cloud Ecosystem

I’m excited to announce that Wasabi has joined the Bandwidth Alliance, an initiative recently launched by Cloudflare.  The Bandwidth Alliance fits perfectly with Wasabi’s vision of an open, multi-cloud world, where customers have the freedom to select the specific cloud services that best meet their specific requirements.

The Bandwidth Alliance is a group of forward-looking cloud and networking companies that are committed to discounting or waiving data transfer fees for shared customers.  This partnership helps customers avoid lock-in, improve choice and reduce operating expenses.

Cloudflare CEO and Co-founder Matthew Prince summed up the value proposition nicely in his supporting quote: “In an ideal world, customers could pick whatever cloud provider is best for the particular job at hand, be it storage or compute or analytics and not worry about the cost of moving data between them. The Bandwidth Alliance joins together cloud providers committed to giving customers more choice as they navigate the cloud landscape.”

This alliance dovetails with the strategic vision we pioneered in March of 2018 – the cloud storage industry’s first ‘unlimited free egress’ pricing plan. We are excited to join forces with Cloudflare and the Bandwidth Alliance, validating that the early business models of Cloud 1.0 vendors no longer apply in a world that expects unlimited everything. This partnership is another way of bringing our mutual customers into a future that is already here today.

Wasabi + Cloudflare = Fast and Affordable Content Storage and Delivery

We think the Bandwidth Alliance is great news for both Wasabi customers and Cloudflare customers.  You can use the Cloudflare network to distribute the content you store on Wasabi—quickly and cost-effectively—with no data transfer fees between Wasabi and Cloudflare. Cloudflare is one of the world’s largest cloud network platforms, with 156 points of presence across 76 countries. The Cloudflare CDN is trusted by leading brands and institutions like Montecito Bank and Trust, Eurovision, Discord and Zendesk.

You can configure Wasabi as an origin server, interfacing directly with the Cloudflare CDN via Wasabi’s S3 API.  The integrated solution improves user experiences by caching static content at the edge of the network closer to the user, and by accelerating dynamic content.

You can store all your digital content on Wasabi for a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions and deliver it efficiently worldwide on Cloudflare—with no data transfer fees. The result is an incredibly affordable solution that dramatically improves web application performance and reliability.

Wasabi is proud to join Cloudflare and other leading providers in building an open cloud ecosystem.  Wasabi was conceived for the multi-cloud world. The Bandwidth Alliance extends our commitment to helping customers increase choice and unleash the full potential of the cloud.

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