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Hot Cloud Storage for Chia Farming

Chia, Farms, Plots, Full Nodes, Harvesters, Time Lords… if you know what these are then you know that blockchain and cryptocurrency based on proof-of-space is all the rage and Chia farming is the rocket fuel propelling high-capacity storage sales around the world. Proof-of-Space blockchain is the ideal use case for hot cloud storage.

As the leader in “bottomless storage,” we’ve been getting a slew of inquiries about Chia farming with Wasabi. With a limited supply of physical drives, farmers are looking to the cloud to get the capacity they want. The questions range from the generic “Can I farm Chia with Wasabi?” (yes, we support Chia farming – harvesting, in particular, is the right use case) to some more specific “Can I create plots directly on Wasabi storage?” (no, not a good idea).

On the topic of “Can I use Wasabi for Chia farming?,” not only are we supporting Chia farming, we’re ideally suited for this use case.  Chia farming leverages all the benefits of Wasabi – fast uploads for plots that decrease the time-to-potential-value, hot cloud storage that provides quick challenge-response times, NO CHARGE for API requests or egress to undermine ROI, AND predictable pricing with discounts available for long term contracts. These are many of the things that make a difference for folks investing in farming Chia over the long haul.

While we’re working fast and furious to get more guidance for farmers that want to come on board, we’ve already put together a quick guide for farmers in our Wasabi Knowledge Base – “Can I use Wasabi for Chia farming?”. as well as a related article “How do I use Goofys with Wasabi,” which is a popular method for connecting your compute systems to Wasabi storage.

We’re also working with partners that can help farmers get their hands on more plots faster, as well as standing up entire farms without having to buy a single piece of hardware. Stay tuned for more announcements in the near future.

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