Bridging the Technology Divide in Video Surveillance

Glenn Caccamise
Glenn Caccamise
Sr. Director Alliance Marketing and Strategy

The physical security industry, and more specifically the video surveillance sector, has been slow to adopt current technologies. Cloud storage specifically, is one area that has struggled to gain traction due to old-school thinking from an industry that has been resistant to change.

Recently however, hybrid storage architecture has been increasing in popularity due to its many benefits. Wasabi hot cloud storage provides just the solution for the video surveillance industry that can:

  • Reduce storage costs with no egress or API fees
  • Improve security posture with object lock and true data immutable storage, eliminating the risk of deletion or alteration of video files.
  • Adherence to compliance requirements for longer retention periods
  • Global data centers for keeping video content in close physical proximity
  • Remove the chance of failed/corrupted hard drives and capacity limitations

The caveat to all these fantastic benefits however is that video management software (VMS) vendors need to be S3 compliant/compatible so that their technology can seamlessly integrate with Wasabi hot cloud storage..

Welcome Tiger Technology to the rescue, which provides an S3 connector software to bridge the technology-divide, allowing Wasabi to connect to different VMS vendors. Tiger Technology provides access and integration so that the security industry can take advantage of the hybrid cloud storage methodology.

Tiger provides custom OEM solutions for companies like Milestone and BCDVideo, as well as generic versions of its Tiger Bridge to be the gateway for connectivity. In a recent interview with Brian Coulombe, Lance Kelson, EVP for Tiger Technology said:

“Hybrid cloud has emerged as the preferred approach, offering many key advantages in protecting camera data – the ultimate objective of any video management solution,” Kelson says. “A properly implemented hybrid strategy does not require an always-on cloud connection and is immune to partial or full outages. Contrast this with an approach that require an always-on connection, where camera data can easily be lost to service disruption or bottlenecks. The increase in the number of cameras, need for higher resolutions, longer retention periods and desire for off-site data all favor a hybrid cloud solution. As existing hardware ages, end-users have the ability to use less expensive on-prem capacity and shift extended capacities to the infinitely-scalable cloud.” 

Wasabi has partnered with Tiger Technology to leverage our joint solutions and help the video surveillance industry realize the  benefits  in adopting a hybrid cloud storage solution.

Learn more about Wasabi hot cloud storage for video surveillance here.

Glenn Caccamise
Written By

Glenn Caccamise

Sr. Director Alliance Marketing and Strategy