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Laurie Mitchell
Laurie Mitchell
Vice President, Partner and International Marketing

Actifio Data Driven 2019 brings together industry thought leaders and solution experts to discuss how to innovate and turn your data silos into data pipelines — on premises, in the cloud, across clouds, and always on.

Wasabi and Actifio – A Long-standing Partnership

For Wasabi, as a cloud storage provider, clearly we see value in data – and first-generation cloud storage solutions like AWS S3 made it punishingly expensive to store the data used to take action and drive your business.

Combine the price, performance and protection of Wasabi hot cloud storage, at 80% less expensive and up to 6x the speed of S3 with no egress or API call charges, with Actifio Sky or Actifio GO and take advantage of next-generation enterprise class data management and multi-cloud copy data management on top of next-generation enterprise class cloud object storage.

Actifio Sky + Wasabi:

  • For low-cost & fast primary storage for agile dev & test, big data and analytics initiatives, and other data-intensive apps
  • For cost-effective secondary storage for on-premises or cloud-based apps – efficiently protecting virtualized environments, physical servers, NAS devices, and databases like Oracle, MS SQL and DB2s
  • For affordable and reliable archival storage for compliance and long-term data retention

Actifio GO + Wasabi:

  • One hour to go-live – Sign up and configure both services, backup and restore using Actifio Sky in one hour
    • Note: Wasabi is the only cloud storage provider that can be directly provisioned from within Actifio GO, making initial setup even faster than usual
  • Zero on-premises storage – Direct-to-cloud backup to Wasabi, using Actifio OnVault technology, eliminating the need for on-premises backup storage
  • Near-instant recovery – Recover VMs directly from Wasabi hot cloud storage back to on-premises, using the streaming network protocol and object storage data store format of the Actifio’s patented OnVault technology.

How are you managing your data in the cloud? How are you leveraging it to drive value? Are you protecting your cloud data adequately? How has next-generation cloud storage from Wasabi, combined with Actifio, changed the data management and data protection game?

We’ll answer these questions and more at Actifio Data Driven 2019. We look forward to talking to you at the event!

Where to Meet Wasabians

At Actifio Data Driven 2019, you can find us at our booth, at a panel session and a tech session.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019:

8:30am – 6pm: Exhibit Hours

3:45pm: Panel – Shape Up your Data in the Cloud with Jim Donovan, SVP Product

6:30pm: Networking event and musical guest

Wednesday, June 19, 2019:

8:30am – 5pm: Exhibit Hours

3:00pm: Tech Session – Leveraging Public Cloud Object Storage for Cost-Effective Backup & Recovery with Wasabi with Jim Donovan, SVP Product

If you will be at the event, stop by our booth and say hello, meet us at the networking event Tuesday night, or catch us at one of our sessions.

We will have storage experts on hand to talk about Wasabi hot cloud storage, provide an overview of the company, the product, our partnership with Actifio, how we serve customers and partners alike, and answer any questions you might have.

Laurie Mitchell
Written By

Laurie Mitchell

Vice President, Partner and International Marketing