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5 Problems with On-Premise Storage

In the old days, it was a no-brainer for companies to keep their own data on their own premises. Initially there wasn’t that much data that was being produced, as only a few individuals had access to computers. As PCs were adopted more widely, the data that was produced was easily controlled (an example would be IT admins putting limits on the amount of email server space individual employees could use). And, there weren’t any alternatives, like cloud storage.

In many cases, that legacy approach to use on-premise storage still holds. Except that the amount of data now being produced is outgrowing the on-premise capabilities to store it all. And, companies are recognizing the need to store it all as they’re seeing the value that data has to their business. While on-premises storage solutions may offer superior performance (low latency, fast read/writes) for data hungry, delay-sensitive applications like high-performance computing, on-site storage solutions are notoriously costly and complex to procure, maintain, and extend.

Beyond cost and complexity, the 5 problems include:

  1. High CAPEX – significant upfront equipment costs lead to poor ROIs with long payback periods.
  2. High OPEX – recurring power, cooling and rack space expenses; expensive monthly hardware and software maintenance and support fees; and excessive system administration cost and complexity all lead to high ongoing operations expenses.
  3. Obsolescence concerns – storage vendors regularly retire products and discontinue support plans, often subjecting customers to costly and disruptive upgrades.
  4. High risk – ensuring business continuity (replicating live data to a secondary data center) is an expensive proposition beyond the reach of most organizations.
  5. Complex operations –legacy storage solutions are difficult to configure and administer, and require special training and expertise.

We believe cloud storage helps solve these problems. Wasabi hot cloud storage is easy to understand, easy to order, and incredibly cost-effective to scale. With Wasabi, users can cost-effectively store any type of data, for any purpose, for any length of time, putting an end to on-premise data storage challenges.

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