Backup and Recovery

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Hot cloud storage makes backed-up data instantly available if the worst should happen.

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Backup and Recovery

Managing enterprise data backups and being prepared for disaster recovery scenarios across desktops, laptops, on-prem servers, virtual servers and the public cloud can easily become an overwhelming job. Keeping up with data growth using tape libraries and secondary storage sites poses a scalability challenge that has organizations looking to cloud storage for a simpler, faster way to back up their growing digital assets.

When you back up to Wasabi hot cloud storage, you have an easy method of making sure all your critical information is replicated—and that it’s secure and immediately available to you if and when you need it. All at a cost that’s 80% less than AWS S3.

Chapter 01

The Least Expensive and Most Secure Way to Prepare for the Worst.

You can’t recover data and applications you haven’t kept. That’s why maintaining current copies of data and applications is a must for ensuring business continuity. You need a way to keep your business running in the unfortunate event of an outage or if data should otherwise get lost or corrupted.

But backups now consume more storage than ever. Data is growing exponentially, even doubling every year in some industries. On top of that, you now have to also worry about replicating Big Data for analytics, huge-capacity video files, audio, virtual servers, and application software–all with very large footprints. Backing up these immense files can get prohibitively expensive without the right storage strategy in place.

Fortunately, now you have a modern cloud storage option for simple, affordable backup and recovery. You not only get the infinite scalability of the cloud with Wasabi hot cloud storage. You can securely back up your assets for less than what you’d pay for Linear Tape-Open (LTO) storage and at a fraction of the price of AWS S3 cloud storage. And there are never any penalty fees for accessing your data when you do need it. That makes Wasabi ideal for backing up everything from mission-critical databases and applications to all your high-resolution images and media.

Chapter 02

Immune to Hackers, Deletions, and Changes

Wasabi hot cloud storage is designed with eleven nines (99.999999999%) of object durability. It’s secure by default, with ACL-based user authentication and AES 256 encryption of data at rest. And we offer easy-to-configure immutable buckets that make your data impervious to hackers, accidental changes, or deletions. With immutability turned on, no one—not you, not Wasabi, not hackers—can delete or change your data.

Chapter 03

Ideal Solution for Extending your Tape Infrastructure

If you’re already using the cloud for primary storage, backing up a second copy with Wasabi is a smart way to protect your data and ensure business continuity. If you’re running an on-prem storage-area network (SAN) or network-attached storage (NAS) and off-prem tape, you can get an inexpensive third copy of your data that’s immediately accessible in case your local storage goes offline and there isn’t time to retrieve your tape backup.

Wasabi hot cloud storage has become so inexpensive and fast that IT professionals doing their due diligence will have to evaluate cloud storage as part of their organizations’ backup strategy. Test it as a supplement to your existing tape installation for specific use cases or to back up select application servers. Or just to have an immediately accessible third copy, should locally stored copies become unavailable.

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